Pegar by E-motion Furniture Story

E-motion Furniture is Australia's leading manufacturer of motion furniture. From humble beginnings 22 years ago this family business has become an industry leader in the Australian furniture market involving a number of specialised market segments such as Recliner Chairs and Sofas, Home Theatres, Lift Chairs, Massage Chairs, Sofa Beds, Static Sofa's and Tub Chairs.
Emotion Furniture owns iconic brands such as Pegar which has supplied retailers and department stores throughout Australia for the past 45 years and has built long term commercial relationships with leaders in the global furniture market such as Berkline (USA) and Simmons (USA). "Emotion Furniture is Australia's leading manufacturer of reclining furniture. Innovative ideas like Wallaway, Hideaway, Comfort Chaise, Removable Backs, and the Shiatsu Massage recliner have firmly established us as an industry leader. We are constantly striving to deliver premier customer service, and offer a wide range of styles and colours to complement your home, to provide you with a total relaxation experience. Whether it's grocery shopping or endless phone calls and a mountain of paperwork, to finish off the day's marathon, sit back and relax in our comfortable, stylish furniture." Boris Shpigel CEO Emotion Furniture

Your Commitment to Quality

We are committed to using quality materials, fabric, and leather that complement the latest furniture fashion, while incorporating motion mechanisms and design for comfort and contemporary living environments. Management travels regularly overseas visiting international trade fairs, major retailers and noted manufacturers where they can interact with staff and gain further knowledge and experience of the latest trends and fashion in the global furniture market.