The following outlines a number of handy hints on how to maintain and uses your new furniture and keep it in its optimum condition. By carefully following these instructions you will continue to gain many years of enjoyment and comfort from your furniture whilst its appearance for many years to come.

Fig 1

Polyester filled cushions (back cushions) need regular massaging to avoid ‘flattening’ and ‘packing down’. When a new lounge is received is should be noted that the cushions could be a little compressed due to transportation. Most back cushions have zips and can be accessed to remove filling, massage to restore fullness to your furniture.

Fig 2

Never try to lift furniture by arm pads. This can result in serious damage which is not covered by warranty. Soft arm pads should never be used as an aid to getting out of the sofa. Always place flat hands on top of the arm pad and push yourself out.

Fig 3

Use recommended leather cleaning products of a regular basis (see Leather Care)

Fig 4

Do not place your furniture close to sunlight or direct heat sources. Make sure there is a minimum distance of 70cm between your furniture and heat source. Beware of dye transfer from clothing, especially new denim jeans, Indian cotton and similar cloths.

Fig 5

Never sit on arm rests – It flattens the fillings of arm pads, damages recliner mechanisms and can cause internal frame damage.

Fig 6

Do not let pets sit on furniture. Their claws and teeth can snag or tear the upholstery coverings and they have oily and acidic body secretions which will damage leather and fabric.


To activate the mechanism lift the trigger handle and raise the legs to allow the footrest to extend completely.

Fig 1a

To activate the mechanism lift the trigger handle and raise the legs to allow the footrest to extend completely.

Fig 1b

When the footrest is completely extended, recline the back rest by pushing back gently with hands on the armrests. The back rest will remain in any desired position to give total relaxation. Reclining the back rest locks the footrest in position. Please note back rest will not recline until footrest is fully extended as shown in fig 2

Fig 3

In order to return to a sitting position, simply lean forward to remove body weight from the backrest, it will simply follow you back into the up right position as shown in fig 3.

Fig 4

Once the backrest is deactivated the footrest can be closed by pushing in a downward motion with the heels of your feet as pictured in fig 4. Don’t be alarmed if your Pegar reclining mechanism does not close as easily as the showroom model. Within 4-6 months of use the mechanism will settle.